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Feel calmer, happier and stronger
Mindfulness and resilience coaching

Choose a programme that's right for you

Discover the many ways in which mindfulness can transform your life by joining one of my mindfulness meditation classes. You'll learn how to challenge unwanted thoughts, manage stressful situations and relationships and will develop greater confidence, resilience and hope for the future.

Meditation Class
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Kate Mishcon-Private Classes

Mindful Resilience Workshops

This gentle, therapeutic and experiential course will help you to learn the skills of mindfulness and self- compassion which can have a profound impact on your overall wellbeing.

Mindfulness for

Mindfulness can be a hugely 

powerful way of building more effective, harmonious teams and enhancing their performance.

Private Meditation

Whether you're looking to reduce stress, increase resilience, build self-confidence or improve your sleep, my one to one classes will help you achieve fast and effective results.


What Clients Say

Kate, thank you for introducing me to the whole world of meditation, for being so kind, encouraging and careful with some of my battered emotions. And thank you for all the time and thought you put into making the sessions just right for me! What an unbelievable blessing to have found you.

Polly, Student

About Me

Kate Mishcon

Mindfulness UK accredited teacher

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I am a formally trained Mindfulness teacher with a natural passion for mindfulness having seen first-hand how profoundly it can ease suffering and change people's lives.

I discovered Meditation at a Yoga centre in the early 2000s at a time when I was struggling with feelings of overwhelm and anxiety and I have been meditating daily ever since. With every practice I feel a greater sense of ease and calm and I love helping others to feel those same benefits.

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"Mindfulness is a pause. The space between stimulus and response. That's where the choice lies."

Tara Brach


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