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Mindfulness for carers

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

I teach online mindfulness sessions for The Carers Network every Friday at 10am. These short and therapeutic sessions are designed to support carers with feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm and help them to feel calmer and more resilient.

'Kate has been volunteering for Carers Network, a small independent charity based in central London, for almost a year. In this time, she has been comforting unpaid carers with free online mindfulness sessions every week, that have helped them to relax, release some stress and cope with the problems that come with their caring roles.

Kate is a wonderful mindfulness teacher, very prepared, and always friendly and compassionate with everyone joining the group, and she’s been a good listening ear during her sessions, that people have been looking forward to attending.

One of the carers who joined told us: “I really appreciate Kate's sessions and try very hard to attend them (although it’s not always possible). The poems are also really good.”

Another one, who attends regularly, said: “Kate is a fantastic motivator, her sessions are excellent, I am very happy to have had the privilege to meet her and attend. The group of participants also made it holistically magnificent.”

We at Carers Network feel very lucky to have Kate as a volunteer. The work she has done for unpaid carers is immeasurable and it’s so important for so many people who really need the help and support that she has been providing.' Eleonora Marin, The Carers Network

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